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Monthly Archives: October 2012

Drug awareness Futsal Tournament Conducted during Eid

During the Eid of October 2012 Naifaru Juvenile hosted a 4 on 4 futsal tournament as part of our on-going drug awareness programme; Strengthening the National Response to Combat Drug Abuse in the Maldives. The programme is sponsored by UNODC and European Union. The tournament took place on the 26th and 27th of October and saw the participation of 11 teams of local players. There were a total of 12 matches played during the two full days of playing.

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Religious session on drug awareness conducted at NRC

On Wednesday the 24th of October Naifaru Juvenile hosted a religious session on drug awareness. The session is a part of our commitment to the UNODC and EU sponsored programme Strengthening the National Response to Combat Drug Abuse in the Maldives. The session was targeted at youths from the local community. 20 youths participated in the session. The facilitator of the programme was a local Shaik, Mr. Ali Shariff. The session focused on views on

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Naifaru Juvenile Signs Contract with the Ministry of Environment and Energy

On the 22nd of October Mr. Mohamed Ahmed, vice-chairperson of Naifaru Juvenile signed a contract with the Ministry of Environment and Energy to conduct community training services in selected island communities in the north region. The project is part of the Maldives Environmental Management Project (MEMP) which receives funding from the World Bank. The project is set to run for four months and the goal is to train local facilitators and conduct

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Construction on Community Park Steaming Ahead

Construction on our community park is going ahead at full speed. With the recent donation of construction material from Kuredu Resort, we have been able to push the construction ahead by several weeks. We have finished the pavilion which will act as a small café. It has been painted in bright colours and fitted with a central table to accommodate guests. Apart from finishing the pavilion we have been able to get the ground work finished for several

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4 on 4 Futsal Tournament

Get inside to download the registration form.

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Naifaru Juvenile receives donations for the construction of our children’s park

Thanks to three donors, construction of the local children’s park is now well underway. We have already constructed the boundary wall and planted several trees as well as begun construction of a pavilion. With the arrival of the latest materials we are able to commence construction again and finish the project within our timeframe. We would like to convey our thanks to our donors, Mr. Kaseen Abdullah for contributing the materials for the boundary

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