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Monthly Archives: May 2010

Quantity Surveying training programme has started

35 local community members sign up for a quantity surveying programme in Naifaru. The programme was launched by Naifaru Juvenile and TVET in association with the Ministry of Human Resources, Youth and Sports. TVET is a ministry-run organization. The programme is funded by the ministry but implemented by Naifaru Juvenile. The programme itself is a training programme to train the participants in construction to meet the growing demand in the face of

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Environmental Cleaning Program

Three beach cleaning events conducted by Naifaru Juvenile in collaboration with other NGOs from the island. The purpose of these events was to clean the beaches – a big issue on Naifaru Island where people frequently dispose of their rubbish on the beach. Debris from the ocean also contributes to the build-up of rubbish. The NGO participants and several community members attended the events.

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