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Monthly Archives: March 2010

A Ukraine Doctor has Arrived Naifaru

A Ukrainian volunteer doctor arrives at the Lhaviyani Atoll Hospital through Naifaru Juvenile and Mission Maldives. Dr. Lida Kotok will start work as a volunteer at the hospital on the 27th of March and will serve our community for a duration of three months. Through our partnership with Mission Maldives, Naifaru Juvenile is planning to increase the number of international volunteers coming to our island. The volunteers we are interested in getting

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Juvenile Participates in Maldives NGO Federation Annual General Meeting

A representative from Naifaru Juvenile, Mr. Hamid Ahmed, participates in the annual general meeting of the Maldives NGO Federation 2010 at the Holiday Inn Hotel, Male’. The meeting ran from the 18th to the 20th of March. The Maldives NGO Federation is an umbrella organization for more than 40 member organizations from all over the Maldives. Juvenile has been a registered member since our inauguration. At the meeting there were discussions as to

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Juvenile launched new drug awareness campaign

Naifaru Juvenile launch drug awareness campaign starting on March 3rd. The campaign is focused on drug users around cafés and resaurants throughout the island. The restaurants attract a lot of youths and as such they are ideal places for campaigning material. At the moment we have established an agreement with Lover’s Restaurant which will run for one month. The campaign is open to all restaurants on the island, and Naifaru Juvenile will provide

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