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Monthly Archives: April 2010

Islamic Awareness Programme

Naifaru Juvenile has held an Islamic Awareness Programme for the people of Naifaru on Friday 23rd april 2010 at 21:00 pm at open ground near Lh. Atoll office. The objective is to spread awareness within the people on Islamic issues. The lecturer was delivered by Sheikh Iliyas Hussain. Sheikh Ilyas Hussain’'s lecture received a wide and overwhelming response from all over the island. Many youths and their parents were the fortunate audience to be

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Juvenile Launch “Pen Pal” Programme to the Ifthithaah students
Pen Pal” Program launched between Ifthithaah students and Berwick Middle School (UK)

Naifaru Juvenile launches Pen Pal programme for local community school, Madhrasathul Ifthitaah, in collaboration with Mission Maldives and Berwick Middle School in the United Kingdom. The programme was launched at a ceremony which took place at Madhrasathul Ifthitaah on Tuesday the 6th of April 2010. Members from Naifaru Juvenile’s executive committee attended the ceremony joined by parents, students and teachers. The purpose of the programme is

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