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Amway Visit & Donation to Atoll Marine Centre

This time last week the Naifaru Juvenile team was feeling very exhausted, but delighted, after a mid-week event that was set to make our Marine Centre's year. We were being visited by Amway Europe - one of the world's largest direct selling companies, operating in more than 80 countries and territories. The company rewards its top sellers or ABOs (Amway Business Owners) every year by taking them to far flung exotic places to relax, unwind, socialise

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Leaders of Our Future Youth Camp 12-14th May

We are hosting a Youth Camp on the 12-14th of May to develop your professional skills and help you pursue your career.  We will provide training to improve communication, team work and leadership skills and so on.  Please bring a copy of your CV and the application form (which can be found in downloads or collected from the Naifaru Juvenile office) to the Naifaru Juvenile office or email to info@naifarujuvenile.org.  All applicants between 18

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