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Out of Sight, Not Out of Mind – Turtle Conservation Fundraiser

On the 19th of July our brilliant volunteer Asher Nowlan ran a quiz evening in Australia in aid of sea turtle conservation and our work here on Naifaru. The evening was a huge success and all her efforts, and the generosity of attendees, managed to raise 1500 Australian dollars for our turtle conservation programme!

This sort of dedication, generosity and passion, even when returning back home, is so very special and we want to sincerely thank Asher and everyone involved on behalf of the turtles and this locally-run organisation.


For months we have been working on importing and installing a sea cage for the turtles. We are now just missing the crucial ‘bottom ring’ that will secure the net, attach to the mooring system and keep the cage’s shape rigid. Without this we cannot proceed.

This cage will be an important ‘final step’ for the turtles before release into the ocean as it distances them from human contact, introduces them to ocean conditions and creates more space for the smaller juveniles in our marine centre tanks.

This fund raiser’s timing could not have been more perfect and the donated money now enables us to purchase these final pipes, complete the construction and get this cage into the water. This event has helped us at the final hurdle to finally realise our sea cage dream; 11 months in the making.

The remaining donation money will be put towards satellite tagging our turtles so that we may follow their journey and behavioural tendencies after release.

Please feel free to keep checking our website http://www.atollmarinecentre.com for news on our sea cage and tagging developments.

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