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Naifaru Juvenile organises swimming classes for Ifthithaah 5th graders

Naifaru Juvenile conducted a “Swim and Survive” Program from 14-26 September with grade five students from Madhurasathul Ifthithaah . 56 students participated in the lessons, held from 3pm-6pm each day at the beach in front of the Marine Centre and then later in the New Harbour. The lessons were conducted by volunteers from Atoll Volunteers, Naifaru Police, MNDF Northern Area and the Maldivian Lifeguard Association. Swimming lessons involved stretching and warm-up activities, kicking, freestyle stroke and the introduction of side breathing as well as front and back floating and treading water, which are all vital survival skills. As the students progressed, backstroke and breast-stroke were also introduced.

Initially the students did well to concentrate in a sometimes challenging environment and gained confidence in the shallow water. In the second week of lessons, the students advanced to swimming in the New Harbour, where they were able to transfer their new skills into deeper water. Challenged by the new environment, the students improved rapidly and began to enjoy lessons even more as jumps off the harbour wall were incorporated.

At the end of the two week program, an exam was held in the newly-constructed 25metre “pool” in the New Harbour. The improvement of the students was evident; many had previously been unable to swim and during the test managed 50metres of freestyle, the majority without the assistance of a kick board.  All the students were also able to demonstrate a front and back float successfully and now require very little assistance in the water. Every student completed the exam and each received certification on the 8th of October at Lfthithaah.

Thanks are given to the parents for organising the post-test celebration, which made the hard-work of all involved feel appreciated.

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