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Let’s eliminate plastic bags on Naifaru – an Eco-Bag for every household!

Distribution has begun of eco-friendly shopping bags for all residents of Naifaru. These bags were developed through a World Bank funded program called “Let’s Go Zero Waste” of which the final aim is to eliminate excess waste from Naifaru and to reduce the amount of plastic burnt to keep our island beautiful and atmosphere safe. Plastic bags and bottles are an increasing problem, and contribute daily in their masses to the waste problem.

Every household on Naifaru will receive one reusable cloth bag, and they are encouraged to use it whenever shopping. All school teachers will also be provided with one, in the hope that as role models they will positively influence their students. More than 100 bags have already been distributed, and the remainder will be handed out in the upcoming weeks. We ask all residents to remember to take the bags with them, and refuse plastic bags!

For those residents that have not yet received a bag, keep an eye out for the “Let’s Go Zero Waste” tent that will be popping up soon on a corner near you!

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