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Hospital Donations

Recently three new medical volunteers arrived to the island, Shaheer, Fares and AJ.  Shaheer and Fares are medical students in Bahrain, 2 years into their course, by coming to Naifaru’s hospital they are getting the opportunity to learn how a hospital is run, and getting a jump start on medical practice.  AJ has completed his time at medical school in New Zealand, and will soon be practicing as a doctor, this is a great opportunity to learn how different cultures/countries practice medicine.  He will also bring a fresh perspective and can assist the doctors with procedures.

Not only have they brought their time, but also a donation of incredibly useful medical supplies, which were much appreciated by the hospital.  Some of these supplies can be used to measure blood pressure, blood oxygen levels, there is also a machine that can assist with the administration of medicine.

We are grateful to the contribution our volunteers make, and we hope they have a great and useful experience in the hospital.

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