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Awareness sessions on Communication held for the community of Naifaru

In order to increase the awareness of the community regarding the major health and social issues, a series of awareness sessions is being held weekly for youth, parents and the community. This series of awareness sessions was started by SHE core+ initiative in association with Naifaru Juvenile, Lh. FCSC, Lh. Atoll Hospital and Naifaru Police.

The first session at Lh. FCSC seminar hall on “Communication” was conducted with an audience of 13 participants by Aminath Reema Mahfooz (Naifaru Juvenile counsellor and Peer educator at SHE core+).

In the session the participants were made aware of the impacts of negative communication and how they can communicate in a positive and effective manner.

An insight into the causes of ineffective communication was given and examples of non-verbal communication were highlighted and explained.

Throughout the session, games and activities were run which gave a more detailed idea of the topic to the participants.

The need and usefulness of the sessions was discussed and the participants were informed of the health issues and the topic that we would cover during the session and a brief overview of the issues was given.

Youths were given more information of the use of the sessions and the benefits they will gain by being aware and updated. Their questions and the feedback they gave showed their interest in the sessions. They said that they are interested in participating in future sessions.

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